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In this section you will find information about subjects offered by the College. 

New Senior Secondary curriculum and assessment in 2019
Starting in 2019 there will be changes to the curriculum being delivered to our Year 11 students and each subsequent cohort. The changes include:
        A new Senior assessment model that combines school-based assessment developed and marked by classroom teachers, with external assessment set and marked by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) in General subjects (the equivalent of ‘OP’ or Authority subjects currently). External assessments are designed to give an extra layer of information about what students have learnt and can do in a subject. They will generally contribute 25% towards a student’s final result in most senior subjects. In Mathematics and Science subjects, they will generally contribute 50%.
        A reduction in summative assessment tasks. Year 12 students typically complete up to seven final assessments in each Authority subject. Under the new system, students will complete four assessments for each subject, leaving more time for in-depth teaching and learning.
        New processes will also be used to strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment. For example, under the new system, all school-based assessments will be endorsed by the QCAA before being used in the classroom. After assessment has been completed, the QCAA will request specific student samples to confirm teacher judgements.
        A move from the current Overall Position (OP) tertiary entrance rank to an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), as used by other Australian states and territories.
The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) will remain as Queensland’s Senior school qualification, with minor changes to how credits are awarded. All eligible Year 12 graduates who meet literacy, numeracy and academic achievement requirements will be awarded a QCE now and into the future.
The reforms are the biggest change to Senior education in more than 40 years and we are excited about seeing this come to fruition in 2019. Our teachers have undertaken training in the requirements of the new curriculum and are working to ensure our Junior Secondary curriculum prepares students for their Senior studies.
Parents/carers can access the following factsheets released by the Department of Education and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority:
        Click here to download the Parent fact sheet:
        Click here to download the comparison of the current and new systems:
The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) have also published this informative video to explain the new system:
Click here to watch the QTAC video on ATAR
  • English


    In English students will critically read, view and listen to a range of different texts, respond to (evaluate) these texts, and question (criticise and analyse) them using both writing and speaking.

  • Humanities


    At Bentley Park College the Social Science subjects are highly valued. Students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 undertake specific History and Geography units.

  • ICT and Business

    ICT and Business

    Bentley Park College offers comprehensive digital learning opportunities for students from Prep right through to Year 12.

  • Industrial Technology and Design

    Industrial Technology and Design

    The Industrial Technology and Design (INTAD) department is committed to providing students with the relevant training and skill development for the wood, metal and graphical technology fields.

  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

    Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

    Weekly Languages Other Than English (LOTE) lessons are compulsory for all students in Years 6, 7 and 8 who reach the National Minimum Benchmark for Literacy.

  • Mathematics


    Mathematics and numeracy provide a way of interpreting every day and practical situations, and provide the basis for many informed personal decisions.

  • Science


    Science is compulsory for Years 7 to 10. On average, students complete four, ten week units of work over the period of the year with two assessment pieces per term.

  • Special Education Program (SEP)

    Special Education Program (SEP)

    The Special Education program is an educational service that provides a range of supports to students with disabilities.

  • The Arts

    The Arts

    We believe that The Arts offer ways to learn about the world that include far more than spoken and written language.