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Past and current logos​

Bentley Park College is a State P-12 School located in the southern suburbs of Cairns in Gimuy Wallubarra Yidinji country.  The College's name and logo relate to an early farming homestead visible from the College grounds.

The school was originally designed as a primary school only in the suburb of Centenary Park, but was to be named Edmonton State School after the small town nearby. It opened as a preschool in Term 4 of 1997 and commenced operations in 1998 as a P-7 school with the revised name of Bentley Park State School. Soon, the suburb that had originally been called Centenary Park was re-named Bentley Park. 

​The fledgling Bentley Park State School​ Parents & Citizens Association and members of the local community were heavily involved in making decisions on the school logo, motto and colours of maroon and blue, as well as school design including school crossings, bike racks, drop-off zones etc.

Due to the rapid growth of the Cairns Southern Corridor, the Department of Education identified the need to expand education facilities in the area and soon revised its plans. In late 1999 it was decided to create a purpose-built P-12 state college. Bentley Park College was born.

Additional land was purchased and an expansion of the already quickly growing P-7 school was underway. It was decided to structure the College into three sectors - the Junior School for P-5, the Middle School for Years 6-9 and the Senior School for Years 10-12.

Middle School specialist and general learning classrooms, Middle and Senior School Library, College Administration building and Middle and Senior School Canteen were officially opened on 17 September 2001. The first cohort of Year 12s graduated in 2004.

Bentley Park College was well placed for major changes in Queensland school structure early in the new century - with part-time preschool merging into full-time Prep in 2007, and Year 7 moving into high school in 2015.

​In 2011 the former 'Junior School' (Years P-5), 'Middle School' (Years 6-9) and 'Senior School' (Years 10-12) merged into two sectors: P-6 and 7-12, which were later re-named the Primary Sector and Secondary Sector. 

A new Bentley Park College logo was created in 2004 and in 2011 the current motto, 'Aspire Learn Achieve' replaced the original motto, 'Achieving Tomorrow's Visions Today'. 

The day uniform was updated in 2017 to reflect changes in school uniform design and fabric trends across the state.  Students are identified by different uniforms, with Primary (P-6) students' polo shirts being predominately light blue, Junior Secondary (Years 7-9) maroon and Senior Secondary (Years 10-12) navy. Secondary formal uniforms have also evolved, with Junior Secondary students wearing a blue blouse or shirt and Senior Secondary white. 

​​The first group of students who completed their entire Primary and Secondary education at Bentley Park College graduated in 2011. They have been joined by many students in subsequent years and are affectionately known as 'Bentley Originals'.

​BPC's 10th Anniversary​

​Bentley Park College commemorated its 10th anniversary in 2007 by students and staff forming the acronym BPC on the oval - B was formed by the Junior School, P by the Middle School and C by the Senior School.  


BPC's 10th Anniversary Celebrations in 2007

BPC's ​​25th Anniversary

Bentley Park College its 25th anniversary in 2022, with the main celebration being a College Fete and historical display. A commemorative book was published for the occasion and is available for purchase from the College Administration office.


​College Principal Mr Bruce Houghton, Foundation P&C President Mrs Margaret Leary, Traditional Owner Mr Neville Reys and 2022 College Captains Isaac Brooks and Dan Staska cut the 25th Anniversary Cake

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The 25th Anniversary commemorative book

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