Bring Your Own Device Program


​​​​​​​​​​Bring Your Own Device and TechExpress

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students or staff use their personally-owned devices to access the Department of Education and Training's (DET) information and communication technology (ICT) network.

The Bentley Park College BYOD program for Secondary, and TechExpress program for Years 3-6, were developed in response to the significant role technology plays in education. They enable students to bring a personally-owned device to school as a learning tool and provides seamless movement between school and home. 

Students wishing to access the program and their parents/carers must have read the Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Virtual Reality Equipment and Systems Policy, and completed an Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Virtual Reality Equipment and Systems Agreement. 

BYOD Program Device Specifications​ gives you information on device provider partners and program device specifications.

Hire devices are available for Primary and Secondary students through our Student Laptop Hire Program. 


The College strongly recommends all Secondary students have access to their own personal device, with the Secondary Student BYOD Program aiming to encourage a sense of ownership, responsibility and independence as well as improving students' technology skills.


We also encourage Primary students to have access to their own device and students in Years 3 to 6 can apply for our TechExpress Program. For younger Primary students the P-2 iPad Program is being implemented, with Prep and Year 1 students having iPads in 2022. These programs each have their own charter and agreement where you can find more information. 

Relevant Forms and Documents:

Connection Instructions:

It is recommended you enrol your device at home. Below are installation guidelines for Windows and Mac devices. 

Windows devices:

MacOS Devices:

How to install Office 365 Student Advantage package on a students home computer

All state school students from Prep to Year 12 can now download multiple free copies of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite to their personal home and mobile computer equipment. For full instructions please refer to How to install Office 365 Student Advantage package on a students home computer.

Why does your child need a BYOD device for 2023? ​

  • Enhanced learning and engagement in the classroom.
  • Independent learning at home.
  • Seamless access to the curriculum, using your own device both at school and at home.
  • Increased student participation, opportunities for collaboration and positive engagement during class time.
  • Learning becomes student driven.
  • Flexible learning options between home and school using a wide range of online learning programs and tools.
  • Encourages and supports versatile learning styles and abilities.
  • Increases opportunities and access to higher and extended learning.
  • Improved Technology skills
  • Includes Microsoft Office at no cost and Adobe Creative Suite at minimal cost.
  • Access to school Outlook email.
  • Access to school calendar and information on events.
  • Access to ClickView; The Learning Place; OneNote Classrooms and Microsoft Teams.
  • Access to Smart Online Learning Suite.
  • Access to e-textbooks.
  • For Primary: access to Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Scratch
  • For Secondary: access to Mathspace and Mathletics

To ensure students have the best possible learning experience, please ensure their device meets the minimum specifications below. These are recommendations, with affordability and functionality, accidental protection insurance, and extended warranty, also being critical issues when deciding on a device.

​Possible Device Provider Options​​​​​​​


Three-year on-site warranty (repairs are done at school)
Hewlett Packard (HP)

2 or 3 Year, 3 days Onsite Notebook Service packages available

JB Hi-Fi

​School Code: BPCBYOD2023
Harvey Norman

Product Care Replacement Plans are available

​BYOD Program Device Specifications




Physical dimensions
Operating system
​Windows 10 or Mac OSx 11.6 (or newer)​
​Windows 10 
Hard drive/storage
​128GB HDD or SSD
​256GB SSD (or larger)
Wireless capability
​WiFi 802.11n/ac (5Ghz)

​3+ years warranty

3+ years accidental damage protection

Battery life​Advertised battery life of at least 6 hours
​​Microsoft Office (available at no cost for students)

Anti-virus - Windows Security (up to date) is available as part of Windows and has proven to be suitable and is free. You may want to purchase extra cover. ​

​​Software (optional)
​​Adobe Creative Cloud – available to all students at a price of $10 per year


​Extra chargers


Please note: Chromebooks are unsuitable for the College environment as they require a connection to Google Drive which is blocked by the Queensland Department of Education. Smartphones will not be connected to College Wi-Fi.

For specialised subjects such as ITD, The Arts and ICT, that require devices with specifications outside of the above recommendations, students will be provided with access to computer labs that contain the required programs and equipment for these subjects. This is covered by the Bentley Park College Student Resource Scheme (SRS).​


If you have any questions regarding the BYOD Program or Student Laptop Hire Program, please contact the Head of Department ICT P-12, Lorena Goodall, via email - or phone 4040 8141.

More information on TechExpress is also available in our TechExpress brochure​. (PDF 248KB).

Last reviewed 06 February 2023
Last updated 06 February 2023