Bentley Park College provides our parent/carer community the opportunity to register for QParents. 

The QParents web and mobile application provides a more convenient, easier way for parents and carers of Queensland state school students to interact with their child’s school. Parents/carers will have secure, online access to their child’s student information, anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

QParents allows parents/carers to connect instantly with their child’s school to access and manage their child’s student information, including: 

  • attendance and absence details, as well as the ability to notify the school of an absence 
  • behaviour information 
  • academic report cards 
  • class timetables 
  • downloading exam timetables and assessment planners 
  • viewing unpaid invoice details, payment history, and making payments online 
  • viewing and updating personal student details, including medical conditions and address 
  • enrolment details 
  • upcoming events list showing school events, exam and assessment dates, and excursions.

QParents assists both staff and parents/carers in sharing and responding to information in an efficient and effective way. 

It doesn't replace the traditional ways you communicate with our school, but it provides another way to communicate with us. 

The benefits of QParents 

Convenience and time savings for parents/carers 

  • Parents/carers can view or update their child’s details, pay invoices and report absences without having to call the school or come into the office.  
  • Secure 24/7 online access. 
  • Available anytime, anywhere — access QParents on your smart phone, tablet or computer on a web browser or using the app (iPhone or Android).

Greater transparency of information 

  • Improves accountability between parents/carers and schools by providing parents/carers with timely access to their child’s information online. 
  • Allows parents/carers to engage more deeply in their child’s schooling. 

Improved administration efficiencies for schools 

  • Allows schools to streamline their administrative processes and cut down on printing. 

What is a QParents Account Owner (QPAO)? 

The school will nominate parents/carers for each student to be QParents Account Owners (QPAOs). QPAOs will be able to register for QParents to access and manage the student’s information online, view the student’s information and submit requests to update some of the student’s details. 

QPAOs will also be able to invite other people (such as another family member), to view the student’s information. Once invited, these people can register for QParents as 'delegated viewers'. A delegated viewer can see the student’s details, but cannot make updates. 

Registering for QParents 

Periodically, the College sends invitation emails containing your unique invitation code. Simply follow the instructions in that email  to complete the QParents account registration process. Initial registration and addition of students to your account must be done on a desktop or laptop computer. Once registered, you will then be able to access QParents using your mobile device (via web browser or by downloading the iPhone or Android App). 

If you do not want to register, you may advise us not to send you any more invitations, and your child’s student information will not be available to anyone through QParents. Or, if you want another parent/carer to be the QPAO, you can advise us and we will send them an invitation email or letter with their own unique invitation code. 

Identity verification 

To obtain full access to student information, as part of their QParents registration users must complete an identity verification process. QParents offers two options for identity verification – online and offline. 

For fully online verification (the fastest option), you will need to verify 100 points of the following identity documents online: 

Australian Passport
​50 pts
​Australian Marriage Certificate
​40 pts
​Australian Driver Licence
​50 pts
​Australian Citizenship Certificate
​40 pts
​Australian Birth Certificate
​50 pts
​Change of Name Certificate
​40 pts
Medicare Card​

​20 pts
​Australian Visa (foreign passports)
​20 pts

If you cannot verify 100 points of the above ID documents online, you may still register for QParents, but you will need to attend the school to verify documentation in person after you have registered online. 

Full instructions on how to verify your documents and what you may need to bring to the school will be provided as part of the invitation and registration process. 

If you don’t have sufficient documents, or are unsure, you may still be able to register. Please contact the school or 13 QGOV to discuss your options. 

For more information regarding the online identity verification process, see the QParents page.  

Please note that QParents does not maintain copies or records of any identity documents used for account verification, either online or offline. 

Where does the information about my child come from? 

All of the information that is presented in QParents comes from the IT system that is used by all Queensland state schools. Schools will continue to manage student information in this system, and this information will be extracted and presented in QParents. 

Will my child’s information be secure? 

Yes. QParents is a secure portal that meets strict industry standards. Only people with the right to access information about their child will be given an account; no one else. 

If you don’t want to register for QParents, your account will not be created and your child’s information will not be made available through QParents. 

Help and contact information 

For more information go to the QParents page. or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Last reviewed 09 March 2021
Last updated 09 March 2021